Our Chat Rules

Chat Rules

These chat rules always apply anytime the chat is running, even when an admin or moderator is not present. We have both robot and real moderators who are invisible and check on the chat rooms at regular intervals. Both types have the power to suspend members, revoke memberships, ban IPs, etc.

We encourage you to be responsible and to respect our chat community as well as others participating within this site. We have worked very hard to provide to you the very best in chat and dating services 100% free of cost. All we ask in return is for you to be nice and play fairly.

Your conduct should be guided by common sense, basic etiquette, and the UstillUp Site Terms. Do not try to post advertisements or "spam" in our chat rooms. Anyone caught attempting to promote their own products or sites in the chat rooms will be suspended and their IP will be blocked. We take this matter very seriously.

Also, there is no flooding allowed in the chat rooms. This means when you try to post words, pics or blank spaces too quickly. If you are caught to be flooding the chat rooms, preventing others from chatting and enjoying this site, you will be banned from this site and your IP will be blocked.

Finally, if you have any problems or issues with other members in the chat rooms, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can use the Contact Us link at the bottom, or you email us directly at ustillup@hotmail.comn- We are likely to reply to emails sent directly to that address more quickly then if you simply fill out the contact form. However, either way we will take your issues and concerns very seriously. We really, really want you to enjoy this site and all of its free features. Also, please feel free to use the forums to make comments and offer our site suggestions. We read the forums on a daily basis.

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